Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wet Sea Turtles

How could you not be pumped to create sea turtles after watching this?
I showed this to the class first to get them excited for sea turtles, and they loved it. We then discussed the difference between regular turtles and sea turtles. I then had them create their turtles using pencil and then crayon on watercolor paper (only use watercolor paper for this project!). After they were done drawing, I let them paint over the whole thing with watercolors. I had them use "ocean colors" ie: blue, green, purple... Then, while the paint was still wet, we layed a piece of plastic wrap over each project until it dried to create the neat, light-water-reflection over each sea turtle.This was a great project to follow up their sheep crayon resist project. *don't forget to have them write their names on the back before painting:)

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