Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sponge Bouquet

This project was such a fun one (but can quickly become a messy one if you're not careful). We started out talking about bouquets and vases. Then we went over painting rules. I then did a demo for the kids. We all did the first part together, where each student and I had a colored piece of construction paper (9"x6" I think). Together, we folded the piece of paper in half and then cut out our vases by cutting the paper in half (parallel with the fold) using a creative line. We then unfolded our newly cut vases and glued them to our 9"x12" white paper.
At this point, I did a demo for the class showing them how to creat their flowers. I began by painting some flower centers above my vase. You can use one color, or make them different colors. Then, I painted one side of my petal-shaped sponge and then sponged all the way around one of the centers. I then painted it again using a different color and sponged another flower. I then passed out all of the supplies and let the kids get to creating:)
I love how creative this little artist was. She painted a table and decorated her vase all on her own:)

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