Wednesday, February 17, 2010

City Under the Moon

This is a great project to help the kiddos practice their cutting skills. They were amazed when I showed them the secret to cutting out squares and rectangles (I showed then you could cut straight strips off the side of their sheet of paper then then cut it in half/thirds/whatever). This project was also fun because we got to splatter paint. With kindergartners, this could get messy really fast, so I did a demo to show exactly how to splatter the paint. I began with the paintbrush about 2-3 inches horizontal above the paper. I then began making "baby karate chops" on the brush and it created little, controlled splatters. Next, I showed how to swirl the paintbrush to create a moon. While this dried, the students worked on cutting out their buildings. I showed them many examples of the different shapes they could make their buildings.

Here are some student's work. Some got pretty creative and added shooting stars all on their own

*Make sure to emphasize that the paint used for the stars and moon is paint, not glue. I don't know how a few of the kids got confused, but they tried to glue down their buildings using the paint.

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