Monday, April 5, 2010

Pop Hands

 The kid's hands fit in the boxes a little better than mine did:)
This lesson goes great with a lesson on Pop Art -focusing on Andy Warhol. This lesson used bright acrylic paints, so be sure to wear paint shirts to avoid any accidents. First, we worked with rulers to evenly divide up the paper into 6 equal squares. Then students traced their hand in each square. After drawing it all out with pencil, the kids then painted in each square and hand with bright acrylic paint. I encouraged them to use colors that weren't too similar to each other in the same square. After all the squares were painted and dried, students then painted the same hand that they traced with black tempura paint (because it easily washes off). They then stamp their hand print onto each previously bright-color-painted hand. They look Amazzzing when finished!

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